Mass UV Fly Curer FTW

No more UV curing flashlights So, we’ve all tied some cool flies that require UV resin, whether a strong head, a streamline body or something of that nature. It takes forever. Applying the resin, holding the flashlight over it for seemingly a half hour, and still getting some tackiness (depending on which resin you’re into), […]

Catching The Drift: Part I

Catching The Drift: Part I, “Learning How to Learn” It’s mid December, the morning is freakin’ chilly, and you’ve got your trout-mobile warming up. The neighbor guy spots you toting your rods and gear out the door, “Are you crazy, won’t you freeze?” You don’t know the answer to that rhetorical question, you’re just hoping […]

Try to remember.

“You know, people who don’t fish think that fishing is lazy or boring, but it is the complete opposite. There are a hundred little decisions to be made, variables to be considered. And you’re never quite sure what made the difference..  ..People are predictable, unchanging, monotonous. They use the same language, they offer the same excuses, […]