“You know, people who don’t fish think that fishing is lazy or boring, but it is the complete opposite. There are a hundred little decisions to be made, variables to be considered. And you’re never quite sure what made the difference.. 

..People are predictable, unchanging, monotonous. They use the same language, they offer the same excuses, they make the same mistakes. People are endlessly disappointing because you hope they won’t be. This is why I am fishing, because I don’t expect anything, because anything is possible. I can be hopeful out here, even in failure, because I know if I just go out there, around that tree, it might be different, something might be different, something I do might make a difference.”  -Scandal, 2015.

We all have those moments, our moments. A fish, a hatch, the smile of a friend, a child, a brother or a sister. An early morning sunrise waist deep in cool water, or warming on the bank of our favorite stream as the sun sets at the end of a full day.

This series of stream side notes will be an ongoing journal of all of our little moments. Hopefully our memories help bring you back to that moment; the smell, the sounds, the feel of that place in time. Because that’s why we fish. For those memories and the stories and moments that won’t ever leave us.



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